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Custom Storage

Securely and safely store your products for transport with Murphy’s custom storage

Warehousing and custom storage services have been at the heart of Murphy’s business for more than 100 years. We own and operate 12 logistics campuses in Minnesota and Missouri, enabling businesses of all sizes to get cost-effective custom 3PL services.

With more than 3 million square feet of long-term and short-term storage space, we can fulfill a wide range of warehousing demands such as rack storage, bulk storage, retail storage, food-grade, industrial logistics, and outdoor storage. The Murphy network of on-demand fulfillment centers allows you to place your inventory strategically throughout the Midwest to save time and money.


Murphy focuses on the needs of individual businesses. We also understand that shipping costs affect small businesses more than anyone else. That is why we offer custom 3PL warehousing and fulfillment solutions to store and move inventory according to your requirements. Whether you want a customized area for huge industrial equipment or smaller spaces for your products, we provide cost-effective solutions for every scale and size. You can always scale with Murphy as your 3PL brokerage partner.


Many of Murphy’s logistics campuses are connected directly through private spurs by Class I rail carriers, including Burlington Northern Santa Fe, Union Pacific, Canadian National, and Canadian Pacific. We have both indoor and outdoor rail logistics accommodations. We also operate our own fleet of asset-based carriers to help transport your inventory across the Midwest. Additionally, we are partnered with 3PL brokerage shippers so that your orders are promptly picked, packed, and shipped across the country.


We take both logistics certifications and warehouse certifications seriously. Our warehouses are registered with the FDA/USDA and follow HACCP guidelines. Murphy is proud to hold Level 2 SQF certification which requires rigorous quality control over the handling, storage, distribution, and transportation of food products. Furthermore, our Minneapolis logistics campus is a custom storage certified organic handler under the USDA National Organic Program standards.


With over 250,000 square feet of commercial outdoor storage space at our Shakopee location, we have more than enough area to meet a variety of storage needs. This expansive space is not only spacious but it is also well-protected with excellent security features. The security and integrity of your items in storage are ensured by the formidable fencing, gates, and professional guard shack that surround our facility.

This large industrial outdoor storage space offers incredible flexibility. It’s the perfect approach to storing weather-resistant goods economically while maintaining their protection. Additionally, it provides a practical temporary location for bulky equipment that is made to endure outdoor exposure. Our Shakopee location has the ideal outdoor storage solution to fit your needs, whether you need short-term storage options or a secure place to store for your valuable equipment.


By offering a wide range of value-added distribution services that address a broad range of company needs, Murphy Logistics goes above and beyond. Our dedication to excellence extends to the logistics solutions that streamline your supply chain, the fulfillment services that guarantee prompt order processing, the effective pool distribution for optimized delivery routes, the cross-docking to reduce handling and storage time, and the exact pick-and-pack services that satisfy particular customer requirements. These custom distribution options allow your business to operate the ways you need.

Along with these logistics solutions, we also give you the option to postpone customization until closer to the point of sale, increasing your flexibility and capacity to react to market demands. Our state-of-the-art 3PL warehouse management solution offers real-time data analytics and continuous inventory visibility to enhance your decision-making and operational effectiveness. This enables you to improve decision-making, shorten lead times, and improve supply chain efficiency. You have a partner in Murphy who is dedicated to improving your distribution and logistics skills.


Utilizing our extensive supply chain management expertise, we constantly provide our clients with tangible benefits, resulting in significant cost reductions and increased customer satisfaction. We provide a full range of auxiliary services in addition to our primary responsibility of safely and securely fulfilling orders.

Our dedication to perfection extends to product sampling, which enables you to test and improve your products before releasing them to the market, reducing risks and improving product quality. We also offer exact SKU control for accurate inventory management, and careful auditing services to ensure compliance with industry standards and laws.

Additionally, we provide assistance with FDA inspections to make sure your products adhere to strict regulatory standards. Our sanitization services uphold the strictest standards of cleanliness, guaranteeing the reliability and security of the products. Additionally, to increase the effectiveness of order fulfillment, our kitting capabilities allow us to put together unique bundles or packages that are tailored to the requirements of your clients. We are committed to maximizing the value we add to your supply chain at every stage with our custom logistics solutions.

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